"Returned to life"

At Onceupon we are very committed to protect our environment as much as we can.

In our way to becoming a more sustainable brand we introduce new Italian high-tech recycled fabrics to our SS22 Jerseys. Created from already manufactured elastane, polyester and polyamide textiles, we "return them to life" in their best version ever.

Our new generation of recycled fabrics is able to deliver:

> Optimal relation stretch-recovery

> Lightweight and quick drying

> Maximum breathability with UV protection

> Muscle progress-compression technology and second skin body fit

> Smart-tech-retention-system® technology



Featuring a 44 gauge fabric density, our new recycled fabrics are constructed with a micro-perforated structure promoting a surprisingly excellent breathability and ultra quick drying in humid and wet conditions. With only 115 gr/m2, our Jerseys are and feel extremely light and fast.

Moreover, we designed our rear pockets with recycled PI microfibers with special hydrophilic treatment and 50+ UPF protection.

Not only the origin of the textiles is important to us but the processes to obtain and manipulate them. Our recycled fabrics are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified.

We go one big step further adding these recycled fabrics to our already recycled and recyclable packaging and paper use. We do not believe in plastics specially when there are alternative environment friendly materials to use and practices to follow.

Join us in our exciting race to sustainability for a better planet ;)

The Onceupon team