We love the planet we live in and we want to do everything we can to protect it.  

There are certainly some big changes that need to be made to help our world prosper, and sometimes they feel a little daunting or out of our control. However, there are also many, many small actions and steps we can all take to help keep our environment cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable to live in. 

For that reason, at OUAR, we only use recycled or recyclable materials in all of our packaging. We do not use plastics at all.

Our paper is made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW). It is de-inked without bleaching and free from optical brightening agents (OBA).

We use eco-friendly kraft paper to pack and send your apparel. It is made from 100% FSC paper, which means it has been harvested in a socially and environmentally responsible way. FSC is an acronym for the Forest Stewardship Council®, which is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation that was established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. The FSC’s Chain of Custody certification provides a way in which the material can be tracked from the certified initial source through the manufacturing process to the end user.



In addition, our kraft paper is 100% recyclable, so please, use it again or recycle it correctly!

Throughout the manufacturing process, we save, re-use and cut back wherever we can. We intend to continue to research and employ environmentally friendly materials throughout our production and shipment practices. 

We are consumers of ecological products and food and we are convinced that we can all do our bit to help build a circular economy and preserve our planet.

Most of the suppliers and manufacturing companies we work with have eco-friendly certification and all of them carry out the same sustainability and social responsibility practices as us. We have specifically chosen these companies because they actively invest in improving manufacturing processes by reducing their water and energy consumption and the use of chemical products. Moreover, they optimise their procedures to reduce the generation of waste and leftover materials. Some of their certifications include BLUESIGN, OEKO-TEX, Global Recycled Standard and SEAQUAL.