At OUAR, our primary mission is to create stylish, technologically advanced, highly durable cycling apparel to ensure that you perform at your absolute best. We, like you, are passionate cyclists. We know what we would want to wear on the bike and how it could improve our experience. That’s why we create the best possible garments for both our customers and ourselves.

All of our pieces are subjected to exhaustive tests under the most demanding conditions: temperatures of higher than 40 °C and lower than 0; high levels of UV radiation and long outings of 8 hours plus. Before launching a new piece, we try it out for ourselves, riding through beautiful expanses of nature, covering ground and climbing some impressive peaks. It’s only then, once our garments have proved themselves, that we add them to our collections.

You could call us somewhat demanding, but we connect with what we do. Out on our bikes we inspire ourselves; we think, we sketch, we create, we test. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't. When we don’t, we go straight back to the drawing board. We figure out what needs improving and how the garments can better enhance our performance, and then we try it out again. We don’t stop until our garments feel just right. 

We use the highest-quality Italian fabrics that incorporate the latest technology for maximum performance and comfort. Before choosing the fabrics, we test their abrasion resistance, elongation and recovery, protection against UV radiation and breathability. We ensure that we only employ fabrics that fit the body perfectly and meet the needs of all types of cyclists, from beginners to professionals. 



We design in Spain, engineer in Italy, and manufacture in Europe, developing every detail of our garments in coordination with the production team. All of our pieces are made by highly qualified personnel who specialise in cycling apparel. The team involved in the development and manufacturing process work under optimal safety conditions. All of our garments are designed and made with care and precision to the highest quality.

We promote and believe in equality, integration, tolerance and respect. We are all different, but our values are the same. We want to foster a healthier and more pleasant experience for all cyclists, to be able to enjoy our passion with anyone who will join us, be it a lifelong friend or a stranger we meet on the road.  

We care about the environment. We only use ecological paper and cardboard packaging, which is made from recycled, reused or recyclable materials. We do not use plastics and we save in any way that we can in manufacturing materials. We intend to continue to research and incorporate environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. 

We ensure that our suppliers and collaborating companies employ the same sustainability and social responsibility practices and policies as us. We hope that we can help protect our environment and continue to ride through clean, healthy and thriving natural places.

We ask anyone who shares our love of cycling to behave sensibly and respectfully when out on the bike, so that we can all practice our sport safely and happily. 

Good vibes only, please. See you out there!